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All the best Mate!” Stuart Fennimore – Producer
Grand Tour Productions London/Amazon Prime
“The Grand Tour” Season 3 Special
“International Buffoons Vacation”
on the radar... You are one of the best in business for sure. It’s a great “Special” that we couldn’t have made without you.
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Studio Ramsay/ITV London
“Gordon, Gino & Fred’s American Road Trip”
“We knew two months of prep and twenty days of filming in a thirty
day window, with production in four US states and Mexico, in twelve
cities, including Las Vegas, Los Angeles and San Francisco, would be
taxing on everyone.
It was immediately obvious that Millington was not daunted by the task
ahead. His grasp of the creative concepts, direction of the show and
innate awareness of “the big picture” of a large production gave me
confidence that our project would be the absolute success that it was.
There was not a challenge, at any level, that Millington didn’t complete
in the most thorough and professional manner.
Simply stated, you have to earn respect! “Dougy Boy”, as I came to call him, will forever have mine!”