In production.... I hope we get to work on another project in the near future.” “Thank you for your time and help over the past few weeks.
I had every faith in you given the people who recommended you
but even with that in mind, I have been incredibly impressed and
grateful to have had you on the team.
Tom Carling – Producer “One Strange Rock” with Will Smith
Your help has been invaluable.” Thanks so much for all your hard work on this one, it’s been
a pleasure working with you again.
“Limitless” with Chris Hemsworth Greg Vince – Producer
“Gordon, Gino & Fred’s American Road Trip” “We knew twenty days of filming in a thirty day window, in four western
states and Mexico would be taxing on everyone.
It was immediately obvious that Millington was not daunted by the task. “Dougy Boy”, as I came to call him, will forever have mine!” His innate awareness of “the big picture” of a large production gave me
confidence that our project would be the absolute success that it was.
Simply stated, you have to earn respect! Luke Campbell - Executive Producer
“Huge thanks for your months of hard work on the Grand Tour this
All the best Mate!” “The Grand Tour” Season 3 Special
“International Buffoons Vacation”
You are one of the best in business for sure. It’s a great “Special” that we couldn’t have made without you. Stuart Fennimore – Producer
"Just wanted to let you know I've seen some of the cuts and everything
looks brilliant. Especially the football team, they come over really, really
well and I’m sure the “Fence” will be ace too!
Thanks again for making it all happen." “Dynamo – Magician Impossible” with Steven Frayne David Williams – Producer
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Our philosophy is simple; we are dedicated to providing creative production solutions, perfect locations, awesome crews and state-of-the-art production and post-production technology to each and every project in the ever-changing world of integrated media.

From our beginnings in Zurich, New York, many years in Los Angeles and now home in Colorado have given us a wide range of global location and stage experience in commercial, television, large-format special venue films, VR, music video, documentary and social media production.

In every discipline, we maintain a PERFECT SAFETY RECORD even while working in some of the harshest, most challenging, urban and remote environments in the world; including nearly 30 locations in Europe, Asia, the Americas and South Pacific.


For more than twenty years Millington Productions has had the privilege of working with some of the most talented professionals, advertising agencies and production entities in the industry.

Our expertise includes extensive aerial and marine production; working with multiple camera units including helicopters, fixed-wing aircraft, remote-controlled UAV systems and high-speed specialty marine platforms.

Production highlights include Amazon Prime “The Grand Tour”, Sochi and Vancouver Olympics, commercials for Labatt Brewing (Super Bowl), Best Buy, JEEP, Bertram Yachts, APPS for Land Rover and Cosa Rica Tourism as well as production in China, South Korea and Canada. Recent Directorial assignments include Hallmark Entertainment, Jaguar/Land Rover, Melvin Brewing, and Sundance Helicopters.