We have worked closely with some of the most respected brands in the world today. View our credits and bio below for more information.


ABC, CBC, CBS, ESPN/ESPN2, Buena Vista, Disney, ESPN, Hallmark Entertainment, Lorimar, National Geographic, OLN/Versus, The WB, The Weather Channel, Dream Quest Images, Imagine 360, Iwerks Entertainment, Swissorama, Columbia Studios.

Advertising/Creative Agencies:
22 Squared, Ackerman McQueen, Agency Zero, Ammirati, Baily-Lauerman, Barnhart-CMI, Bozell, Carmichael Lynch, Colle-McVoy, Cramer-Krasselt, Cultivator, David Atkins Enterprises, DDB-Needham, Falhlgren-Mortine, Foote Cone Belding, GSD&M, Harris Drury Cohen, Integer Group, JWT, Karma Group, Keller Crescent, LaSpata Decaro, Laughlin Constable, Leo Burnett, Made Movement, Non Box, Periscope, Saatchi, Sterling-Rice, The Richards Group, VANOC, Vermilion, Visionaire Group, Vitro Robertson, Warren Miller, WPA, Weiden+Kennedy, Y&R/NY.
Adidas, Albertsons, Anheuser Busch, AT&T, Arabian Horse Association, Arctic-Cat, Bombardier, Bertram Yachts, Boys and Girls Clubs, Burger King, Busch Gardens, CHS, Inc., Century Link, CH2M-Hill, Children’s Hospital, Chrysler, Coke USA, Coors-Molson, CONSECO, Costa Rica Tourism, Busch Gardens, Daytona USA, Ford, General Motors, Green Bay Packers, Hain Celestial Group, Harley Davidson, Hasbro, Highland Park Mall, Hyatt Hotels, IBM, Innovage, Jaguar/Land Rover, Jockey, Kawasaki, Kelloggs, Kentucky Horse Park, Levi’s, Merrell, Microsoft, Merrill Lynch, National Jewish Hospital, National MS Society, NASDAQ, NASTAR, Nautica, Nevada Tourism, Newmont Mining, Nike, Original Marines, Paramount Parks, Purebred Arabian Trust, Quality Chekd Dairy Association, Scheels Allsports, Sea-Doo, Sea-World, Ski-Doo, Seventh Generation, Six Flags, St. Johns, SONY, State of Colorado, Sundance Helicopters, The Adoption Exchange, United States Marine Corps, United States Park Service, US West/Qwest, Vail Resorts, VANOC, Wisconsin Tourism, Yamaha, Zales.
Production Credits:

Special Venue Films:            



Vancouver Winter Olympics

Opening Ceremonies Film

David Atkins Enterprises/Warren Miller Entertainment



Varian Films

V – The Legend of Sheila Varian – Documentary

Millington Productions



Dream Quest Images

SONY Wonder -70mm – Producer  

Knowledge Adventure – Producer 

Daytona USA – 70mm – Producer   


Costa Rica Tourism

Theatrical Trailer

Drive Thru Productions/22 Squared

Producer /2nd Unit Director/Cameraman



Times Square Video – 2007, 2009, 2011



Ride the Rails

Switzerland (70mm)



Iwerks Entertainment

California (70mm)




2010 National Championships

Warren Miller Entertainment






Hallmark Entertainment

Signed, Sealed, Delivered

Movie of the Week (x2)

2nd Unit Director/Cameraman



The Weather Channel

Prospectors 2012-1013

High Noon Entertainment/SkySight RC

Executive Producer – Aerials



Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

Science and Technology Series

Advanced Education Institute

Telemation Productions

Producer/1st A.D.



Discovery Channel

Tech Adventures

Warren Miller Entertainment




Icelandic Open

Warren Miller Entertainment

Location: Iceland

Consulting Producer




Miller – Boyett Productions

Perfect Strangers – Assistant Producer/2nd Unit Cameraman

Family Man – Producer

Family Matters – Producer/2nd Unit Camera Operator

The Hogan Family – Producer/2nd Unit Director




Outdoor Life Network/Versus

Denali Productions

Sea Otter Classic – Producer/AD    

Tour de France (Promos) – Producer/AD

High Gear (Promos) – Producer/AD



Warner Brothers/National Geographic Television

Denali Productions

Ice Climb

Finalist: JIFAS (Japan International Film Festival of Adventure & Sport)


Millington Productions






C2/Nearly Normal Entertainment /Denali Productions



Sochi Winter Olympics

Adore Creative/Warren Miller Entertainment




Ivy Communications/Millington Productions

(300+ National Radio Commercials)



Arabian Horse Association  

AHA/Millington Productions

The Perfect Horse for Every Adventure



Artic Cat                                  

Warren  Miller Entertainment

Passion & 2004 Running Package


Producer/2nd Unit Director


Bertram Yachts                       

AIM Studios

Producer/Aerial Coordinator


Bombardier Motor Co./Ski-Doo

Drive Thru Productions

2007 Running Package/Commercials



Breeze Ski Company

Barnhart/CMI/Millington Prods.

The Girl



Burger King                

Ammirati Puris Lintas/Regent Films

Big Kids/NYC




Visionair/Millington Productions



Chrysler Motor Corp.           

Bozell/Lawler & Associates

Lebaron – New Feeling

Assistant Director



Costa Rica Tourism  

22 Squared/Drive Thru Productions

Commercials and APP

Producer/2nd Unit Director/Camera


Denver Zoo                

Denver Zoo Foundation/Millington Productions

Furry Tails & Tropical Discovery



ESPN 2                        

ESPN/TnK Productions

Adventure Island

Location: Fiji

Producer/1st A.D.


Ford Motor Company                      

J.Walter Thompson/Pacific Star Productions

1998 Running Package



Free Country Clothiers      

Warren Miller Entertainment

Live in It



Groove Auto Group

The Visionaire Group/Millington Productions

Get Your Groove



Harley-Davidson USA 

Carmichael Lynch/Drive Thru Productions

2009 Commercial/Running Campaign



Hyatt Hotels Corporation                            

Hall Communications/Millington Productions

Black Hawk Casino




Saatchi & Saatchi/TMP Productions

Wall Street Journal Campaign

Producer/1st AD


Kawasaki Motors Corporation       

FCB/Denali Productions

Buoy and Running Package – Bahamas

Producer/1st AD



Leo Burnett/Celluloid Studios

Tony the Tiger Downhill



Labatt Brewing Company               


Snowboard & ATV (Super Bowl)



Land Rover USA


The Journey (APP)

Consulting Producer



Visionaire Group/Millington Productions





Miller-Boyett Productions

Hogan Family/Family Man – Music Video

Monday Night Football Commercial Package

Producer/2nd Unit Director



Merrell  / United Kingdom

Element/Millington Productions

2010 Still Campaign



Merrill Lynch             

Bozell/Film Realite

Base Jump



National MS Society 

NMSS/Millington Productions

Tyler Hamilton – Director/Cameraman

MS Walk – Director

Dreams – Director /Cameraman


Nevada Tourism                    

Falhlgren-Mortine/Drive Thru




Wieden & Kennedy/AZ Productions

Landon Donovan – Still

Producer/1st A.D.


Original Marines                   

Selection Marketing and Publicity/Milan

Fall and Winter Catalogue – Still



Outdoor Life Network         

WPA/Denali Productions

1999 Commercial Campaign x3



Paramount Parks                   

Ackerman McQueen/Denali Productions

Scooby-Doo’s Haunted Mansion



Premier Parks             

Ackerman McQueen/Warner/Denali Productions

Tyler Hamilton – Director/Cameraman

MS Walk – Director

Dreams – Director /Cameraman


Nevada Tourism                    

Falhlgren-Mortine/Drive Thru




Wieden & Kennedy/AZ Productions

Landon Donovan – Still

Producer/1st A.D.


Original Marines                   

Selection Marketing and Publicity/Milan

Fall and Winter Catalogue – Still



Outdoor Life Network         

WPA/Denali Productions

1999 Commercial Campaign x3



Paramount Parks                   

Ackerman McQueen/Denali Productions

Scooby-Doo’s Haunted Mansion



Premier Parks             

Ackerman McQueen/Warner/Denali Productions

1997 Running Footage – Producer

October Fest – Director


Regent International Hotels

Club Regent Park City

Millington Productions

ARDA Award Winner





Harris Drury Cohen/Denali Productions

1999 Running Footage & Boat Show



Scheels All Sports                 

Non Box/Drive Thru Productions

Mt. Bike Expert – Producer

Snowboard Expert – Producer / AD


Six Flags                                  

Ackerman McQueen/Denali Productions

X, X-Ride , X-Flight – Producer

Belgium, Holland, Germany, Aerials – Producer/AD

Atlanta, Denver, Cleveland, Chicago, Aerials – Producer/AD

Los Angeles, Louisville, St. Louis, Aerials – Producer/AD


St. Johns’s Apparel   

AZ Productions – London/Millington Productions

Cosmopolitan Magazine 50th Anniversary Cover – Still



Quality Chekd Dairys          

Keller Crescent/Celluloid Studios




Women Outdoors.Com        

Planet Outdoors.Com/Millington Prods.

Women II




RC Films

1998 Running Footage & Boat Show

Producer/1st AD




Coors Brewing Company

On Tap/Millington Productions – Director/Cameraman

Original Coors/Millington Productions – Director

RAMBO/Maritz/Millington Productions – Special Effects Director


Anheuser Busch                    

The Process/Millington Productions – Producer/1st AD


AMAX Mining                       

24 Carat/Millington Productions – Director


Arabian Horse Assoc.           

Tevis Cup/Millington Productions – Still Photographer

Year In Review 2005-2008/Millington Productions – Director /Cameraman

Ft. Robinson/Millington Productions – Director /Cameraman

V6 Trail Ride – Director /Cameraman



AT&T Works”/Millington Productions – Director


Boys and Girls Clubs

Agency Zero/Carmichael Productions – Producer/AD


Buena Vista /Disney 

Fantasia  – Video Release – Roy Disney/Millington Productions- Director

Fantasia II  – PR Announce – Roy Disney/Millington Productions – Director  


Celestial Seasonings/The Hain Celestial Group

Tour Video/Millington Productions – Director

Black Tailed Prairie Dog/Millington Productions – Director

Hain-Celestial Group/Millington – Director

1M (Still)/Millington Productions – Still Photgrapher

35th Anniversary/Millington Productions – Director/Cameraman

2008 Tour Video/Millington Productions – Director


The Coca-Cola Company    

Edge/Telemation Productions – Director



Location: Aruba

Millington Productions – Director


Copley Press              

The Plan/Millington Productions   – Director


Dallas Museum of Art

DMA/Millington Productions – Director/Cameraman


Data General Corp.   

TEO/Telemation – Director

CEO/Telemation – Director


Denver Zoological Foundation                  

Future Challenge/Millington Productions – Writer/Director


Denver International Airport/DIABP       

International Promo/Millington Productions – Director/Cameraman

Aerials Package/Millington Productions – Director


Digital Equipment Corporation     

Management/Millington Productions – Director/Cameraman


C2 Media/Digital World      

Promo/Millington Productions – Director

CIC/Millington Productions – Director/Cameraman


CHS, Inc.                                 

Drive Thru Productions/Colle-McVoy

Locations: USA, Canada, China, South Korea

Anthem – Producer


Club Regent International Hotels

A Priviledged Experience/Millington Productions – Director/Cameraman


Customer Resource Inc.       

PPIR/Millington Productions – Director


General Motors Corp.          

It’s Your Place/Telemation – Producer/Assistant Director


Hasbro Electronics    

Winter Games Pt I/Telemation – Producer/Skiing AC/2nd Unit Cameraman

Winter Games Pt II/Telemation-Producer/Skiing AC/2nd Unit Cameraman

Winter Games Pt III/Telemation- Producer/Skiing AC/2nd Unit Cameraman



Yoga Away/Millington Productions – Director



Info Window/Telemation – Director/Cameraman

3812/Telemation  –Director


Jockey International 

Denali Productions

Tim Tebow (Video & Still)  – Producer/AD

2010 Winter (Still) – Producer/AD


Land Rover USA                   

Warren Miller Entertainment

2012 Moab Adventure – Director/Cameraman/Producer

2012 Telluride Adventure – Director/Cameraman/Producer

2013 Telluride Adventure – Director/Cameraman/Producer


Levis International    

Avocados & Coconuts/SkySight RC – Executive Producer


Lucent Technologies
ETC Group/Millington Productions – Producer



Catalyst (Still)/Millington Productions – Cameraman



CDI/Source Interactive – Director/Cameraman



Warren Miller/Denali Productions

Stars & Stripes – Americas’ Cup 2003 – Producer/A.D.


National MS Society 

Millington Productions

Celebrity Faces of MS – Director/Cameraman

MS ’93 – Director

MS We Can 2005 – Director/Cameraman

MS 150 – Go For the Gorge – Director/Cameraman


Planet Outdoors        

Millington Productions

WomenOutdoors.Com – Promo – Director


Public Service Company /Xcel Enregy

Towers Perrin/Millington Productions – Flexibility To Choose – Director


Purebred Arabian Trust       

Kentucky Horse Park – Millington Productions – Director /Cameraman


State Of Colorado                 

Millington Productions

Hell or High Water – Consultant/Director/Cameraman


Telluride Ski Company       

Governors Cup – Producer/1st AD

US Freestyle Championships – Director/Cameraman


U.S. Park Service                   

Telemation Productions

Rocky Mt. National Park – Director/Cameraman


U.S. Marine Corps    

JWT/Denali Productions

MEU – Razor Sharp – Producer


United Cable Television      

Benefits”/Millington Productions – Director


Up With People                     

Roads/Millington Productions – Director/Cameraman


United Artist Theaters          

“Experience the Magic”/Millington Productions – Director


US West                                   

Time Matters/Millington Productions – Director

ISDN/Millington Productions – Director


Vail Resorts                

Get Schooled –  2010/Warren Miller – Director/Producer

Ski School/Millington Productions 96-98 – Director

Focus 96-98/ Millington Productions – Director/Cameraman

Just The Facts / Millington Productions – Director/Cameraman


Wisconsin Tourism   

Laughlin-Constable/Drive Thru Productions

Foodie – Producer/AD



The Richards Group/Reel FX/Denali Productions

B Brilliant – Producer/AD


Upon graduating the University of Colorado at Boulder with a Bachelor of Science Degree, Millington began working in Zurich, Switzerland where he was asked to Co-Produced a 70mm film for two-time academy award winning Director Ernst A. Heiniger and Swissorama A.G. The film “Impressions of Switzerland” was the world’s first large format, seamless 360-degree film. The film highlighted the cultural and geographic beauty of Switzerland utilizing the only 65mm-360 motion picture camera and 70mm-360 optical projection system ever built.

“Impressions of Switzerland” was a permanent exhibit at the internationally renowned Swiss Museum of Transport and Communication in Lucerne. Upon completion of production in Zurich, Mr. Millington moved to New York City where he Produced the Off-Broadway theatrical release of Maurice Sendak and Carol Kings’ musical “Really Rosi”. The Project was co-produced by the American Children’s Theatre and Directed by Michael Davids. In 1988, Mr. Millington embarked on a sixteen-year production run in Los Angeles. Assignments included network television, commercials and documentary productions. Highlights included working with Miller-Boyett Productions and on the Columbia, Culver, Paramount, Warner Brothers and Universal Studios lots on a variety of network shows and commercial productions. In 1992, Millington was contracted by the National Geographic Society and Denali Productions Oscar-nominated and Emmy-winning Producer/Director Bob Carmichael to produce a film on Ice Climbing. Shot on location in Vail and Telluride Colorado, “Ice Climb” received notable mention in numerous film festivals including the Trento Mountain Film Festival in Italy and the Banff Mountain Film Festival in British Columbia, Canada.

Millington was invited to present “Ice Climb” in Hakuba, Japan, as the only US entry to reach the finals of JIFAS – The Japan International Film Festival of Adventure and Sport. Adventure films from more than twenty-five countries were represented. In 1994, Mr. Millington continued large format film production with involvement in the films, “Daytona USA”, “SONY Wonder”, and “California”. The films were produced in Los Angeles in association with Dream Quest Films, Imagine 360, and Iwerks Entertainment. “Daytona USA” and “SONY Wonder” ran daily at the SONY Headquarters in New York and at the Daytona International Speedway” in Daytona Beach, Florida.

Going into the new Millennium, Mr. Millington continued to expand his international production experience with several projects in Iceland (Amstel Light), Fiji (ESPN2), Argentina (Jockey), Holland, Germany and Belgium (Six Flags/Premier Parks) Millington won eleven broadcast, non-broadcast and print awards for his work in 2008-2009. He was awarded a Gold, Silver and Bronze at the International Galaxy Awards in New York City for work with the National Multiple Sclerosis Society – where more that 500 entries from twenty countries were represented. He also won Gold ARDA for a “A Privileged Experience” a short film he directed in Park City Utah. Production highlights in 2009 included producing the Opening Ceremonies Film for the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. The project was a coproduction between David Atkins Enterprises (Vancouver/Sydney), Warren Miller Films (Boulder, CO) and Barbershop Productions (Vancouver).

Millington continued his winter sports interests by Producing the first promotional campaign for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi Russia. The project was a collaborative effort between Warren Miller Films and ADORE Creative/Los Angeles. The project was Directed by Rupert Wainwright and Director of Photography Chris Patterson. 2014 also included Directing a two-hour documentary on Women who influenced the American West. The film “V – The Legend of Sheila Varian was noted by the late Director/Producer Mike Nichols as “A wonderful movie, very well photographed, authentic and charming”. Most recently Millington has successfully completed numerous commercial and television assignments including: Land Rover/Jaguar, Costa Rica Tourism, LEVIS, Hallmark Entertainment MOW “Signed Sealed & Delivered”, The Weather Channel Series “Prospectors”, Super Bowl Commercials for Labatt’s, and a Nevada Tourism campaign among others. His charitable work includes continued work for Boys and Girls Clubs of America, National Jewish Hospital, National MS Society, Children’s Hospital Foundation, Innovage Foundation, The Maximus Foundation and The Adoption Exchange. Millington resides in Denver Colorado with his wife and two children.